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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Darrin and Bailey along the lake at Trout Lodge Posted by Hello

A few days away

Three days from today, I will be beginning my Peace Corps experience.

Since I resigned my position with the Green Family YMCA on February 4, I have had the opportunity to reconnect with many of my dear friends and former co-workers.

I spent several days with my dearest friends Phil, Dawn, Natalie, and Drew. This is the family which Bailey will stay while I am away. I will miss each of you. Please take great care of my baby. Phil, thanks for a great time in Vegas. I am glad that we could afford the flight back home.

I then visited with my friends from the YMCA of the Ozarks. I enjoyed getting caught up on all the drama that is Trout Lodge. By the way, the place looks great. I am glad to hear that everyone is happy and doing really well. I am sorry that I did not get to see Mariah, Cat, Angie, and Renee. Thanks to everyone for going to the Adam Puchta winery.

I am now hanging out with my sister's family and my mommy. Today, my niece is bringing my great-nephew home. It will be great to meet him before I leave for two years.

Please know that I will miss you all while I am away, but I do hope that we can stay in touch. I hope that you will periodically check in on my webpage to hear about my great adventures. Feel free to post comments to me as well as drop me a line.

Three days and counting.